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Article: Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds: Things to Consider

Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds: Things to Consider

Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds: Things to Consider

You’re accompanying your cousin to pick up her wedding jewellery. As she puts on a fancy necklace, you take a walk, admiring the exquisite pieces in the jewellery store. Suddenly, a cute diamond earring catches your eye. Would you immediately buy it or consult with the salesperson to know more about its fine details? Choosing a lab-grown diamond is no different. In this blog, we’ll learn what to look for in lab-grown diamonds before buying them.

Most of us dream of adding a simple yet elegant diamond piece to our jewellery collection. However, the hefty price tag leaves you in despair. What if you could get the same sparkle and brilliance without breaking the bank or hurting the planet? 

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming a hot topic, and for good reason! They offer a more affordable alternative to mined diamonds and can come with ethical and environmental benefits that appeal to today's conscious consumers. So, are lab-grown diamonds the real deal? What should you look for in lab-grown diamonds while choosing them? Let's go on a sparkling ride and see if they are the perfect fit for you!

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are those formed in a high-tech lab instead of deep underground. They're crafted using advanced technology, mimicking the extreme conditions that create natural diamonds. Does that mean the quality of lab-grown diamonds is compromised? Not at all! You can see the same sparkle, fire, and durability of natural diamonds in them. So, now you know that buying lab-grown diamonds gives you an edge. 

It’s easier said than done, but creating lab-grown diamonds is no simple task. There are two main methods: HPHT (High Pressure-High Temperature) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition). Suppose HPHT recreates the Earth's intense environment for diamond formation but in a much faster timeframe. In that case, CVD breaks down a hydrocarbon gas mixture into pure carbon atoms and gradually builds a new diamond layer by layer.

So, are lab-grown diamonds the same as mined diamonds? Well, when it comes to brilliance and quality, they're practically identical. The difference lies in the creation process. Lab-grown diamonds are much more eco-friendly and often more affordable than mined ones. Though resale value can be lower for lab-grown diamonds, there is hope that their growing popularity might influence future market trends. Choosing between lab-grown and mined diamonds ultimately boils down to personal preference and what matters most to you.

But the question remains: how do you choose the right lab-grown diamonds? Are there any particular features to look for while buying them? Keep reading to discover a few interesting tips.

Learn the 4Cs

Lab-grown diamonds dazzle at first sight, but their beauty is shrouded in layers like natural diamonds. When choosing lab-grown diamonds, look for the 4Cs: cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. These characteristics determine a diamond's overall quality and its price tag.

  • Cut: A well-cut diamond maximises its brilliance, reflecting light and creating that breathtaking sparkle we all love. Think of it like a diamond's personalitya good cut transforms light into a dazzling display, while a poor cut can leave the diamond looking dull.
  • Clarity: Tiny imperfections, called inclusions, can occur within a diamond. The clarity grade indicates how many and how noticeable these inclusions are. A flawless diamond is incredibly rare (and expensive), but a well-cut diamond with minor inclusions can still sparkle magnificently and be of great value.
  • Colour: Lab-grown diamonds can achieve high colour grades (meaning closer to colourless), comparable to the best quality mined diamonds. However, a slight yellowish tint can sometimes occur. The good news? Most people won't notice this subtle difference with the naked eye. Ultimately, the colour preference depends on your taste and budget.
  • Carat: It refers to the diamond's weight, which translates to its size. Bigger diamonds naturally come with a higher price tag, but it's important to remember that a well-cut smaller diamond can deliver more brilliance than a poorly cut larger one. So, prioritise cut quality for maximum sparkle!

By understanding the 4Cs, you can confidently navigate the world of lab-grown diamonds and choose the perfect gem that fits your style and budget.

Choose the Right Diamond Shape

Once you understand the 4Cs, the next thing to look for in a lab-grown diamond is the shape. The diamond's shape plays a big role in its appearance and interaction with light. For example, an oval diamond might appear larger than a round diamond with the same carat weight because of its elongated form.

Are the classic round ones the only option for the diamond? Get ready to mould and shine with these popular diamond shapes:

  • Round-Shaped Diamonds: This classic choice is beloved for its brilliance and fire. Round diamonds tend to flatter any hand shape and setting style.
  • Elongated Beauties: Oval and pear shapes offer a sophisticated and elegant look. They can create the illusion of a larger stone and add a touch of individuality to your ring.
  • Sparkling Squares: Princess and emerald cuts are known for their geometric precision and modern flair. They tend to showcase a larger surface area of the diamond, creating a bold and eye-catching statement.
  • Romantic Hearts: Heart-shaped diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love and add a touch of whimsy to your ring.

Do you love the classic elegance of a round cut, or are you drawn to the modern edge of a princess cut? Browse different shapes, consider your hand shape and desired finger coverage, and don't be afraid to try them on! The most important thing is to find a shape that speaks to your heart and makes you feel confident and radiant.

Select the Apt Metal and Setting

Now that you’ve decided on the shape, it’s time to deck it in a perfect setting! Choosing the right metal and setting is equally important as selecting a diamond. It sets the stage for your diamond to sparkle and shine! So, what are your options in metal? While gold and platinum are the most popular ones, here are a few other alternatives to consider: 

  • Yellow Gold: Timeless and classic, yellow gold offers a warm hue that pairs beautifully with various skin tones.
  • White Gold: This contemporary choice creates a cool, modern look and complements diamonds with a colourless grade.
  • Rose Gold: A romantic and trendy option, rose gold's soft blush tone adds a touch of femininity.
  • Platinum: The strongest and most durable metal for rings, platinum offers a sleek, white appearance and is ideal for everyday wear.

Placing a diamond well within the metal also plays a crucial role. You do not want to end up paying a price and cause damage to the diamond, right? So, choose from the following setting to showcase and protect your diamond's beauty:

  • Prong Setting: This classic setting secures the diamond with delicate metal claws, maximising light exposure for ultimate sparkle.
  • Bezel Setting: A bezel setting encases the diamond's entire crown for a more secure and contemporary look, offering excellent protection.
  • Halo Setting: This dazzling option features smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone, creating the illusion of a larger diamond and adding extra sparkle.

Check for the Grading and Certification

Do you see the sparkle of diamonds fading after a few weeks of buying? Does the yellow tint make your diamonds look dull? 

Like how we assess the quality of products based on their features, performance, and durability, a lab-grown diamond is measured based on the 4Cs. A grading report provides all the minute details regarding the cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight, assuring you of its supreme quality and authenticity. Hence, always ask for the grading report while buying lab-grown diamonds. 

While the shape and setting ensure a perfect diamond that fits your hand, you shouldn’t ignore the grading report or certification. Though these diamonds are lab-grown, they’re no less natural, so you must always check the certificates that come with them. When choosing lab-grown diamonds, look for grading reports from reputable labs like IGI or GIA. Be wary if you do not get certificates with the diamonds; they might not be lab-grown or authentic. 

Varniya ensures that every lab-grown diamond has a grading report, giving you complete confidence in your purchase.

Consider Ethical and Environmental Impact

Most of you have shifted to lab-grown diamonds from mined diamonds for ethical reasons. But how do you know the companies you choose to buy diamonds from are truly following what they preach? So, one important thing to look for while choosing lab-grown diamonds is whether they align with your idea of creating a positive environmental impact and making an ethical choice.

When buying a lab-grown diamond, you're already moving towards a more sustainable future. However, some companies prioritise profit over ethical practices. So, choose a company with a proven track record of ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. Look for certifications or partnerships with organisations dedicated to environmental responsibility. In this way, you know you’re making the right choice.

Feel free to raise your concerns if you’re confused about any aspect. Reputable lab-grown diamond companies do not shy away from your questions, are transparent about their lab-grown diamond creation process, and are committed to ethical practices. So, choosing a company that aligns with your values reflects not just your style but also your commitment to a brighter future.

Opt Between Online and Retail Purchases

So far, we’ve discussed a few things to consider before buying a lab-grown diamond. Now that you’re bent on buying one, what option would you take? Do you browse online retailers and take a pick, or visit a store to experience the cut and clarity firsthand? Finding the perfect gem can be daunting, but we’ll help you with what to look for in online and in-store purchases. 

Online diamond shopping comes with its set of perks:

  • Comparison paradise: Easily compare prices, shapes, and specifications from various sellers to find the best deal.
  • Variety extravaganza: Explore a vast selection of lab-grown diamonds that might not be available in local stores.
  • Convenience at your fingertips: Shop from the comfort of your couch anytime, anywhere.

However, always buy from reputable online sellers with clear return policies and high-quality diamond images and videos. 

How does retail purchase fare against online shopping?

  • Personal touch: You’ll have a dedicated and knowledgeable jeweller in the store, who will help you choose a diamond based on your preferences and budget.
  • See it sparkle in person: In-store purchasing lets you assess the diamond's brilliance, fire, and colour firsthand.
  • Try before you buy: You can also experiment with different diamond settings, shapes, and styles to find the perfect match for your taste and hand shape.

Ultimately, the choice to buy online or in-store depends on your preference. Understand what each platform offers you and choose the one that fits your comfort level. You can also first try the diamond at various stores and later purchase it online. Whether you love the ease of online shopping or prefer the personalised service of a physical store, Varniya is the perfect platform waiting to help you find your ideal lab-grown diamond.

Decide Your Budget and Compare Prices

Undoubtedly, lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than mined ones. Does that mean you do not have to check the prices or focus on a budget before buying them? Though a lab-grown diamond with similar quality is 30-70% less pricey than its mined counterpart, here are a few tips to maximise its benefit and open the doors to a dazzling diamond dream:

  • Invest smartly and upgrade: Since you’re in for a budget buy with lab-grown diamonds, you can invest the remaining money in upgrading the diamond's cut/colour/clarity/carat.
  • Consider carat weight: Explore slightly smaller carat weights that might still deliver a dazzling look on your finger.
  • Embrace different shapes: Certain shapes, like oval or elongated cuts, can create the illusion of a larger diamond.
  • Shop around: Visit online and physical stores and compare prices from different retailers to find the best deals.

Discuss your budget with a reputable jeweller or online retailer. They can help you find diamonds within your price range that meet your quality expectations.

Finding the perfect diamond is all about striking the balance between your budget and desired features. With a bit of planning and these handy tips, you'll be well on your way to securing a dazzling diamond that sparkles within your budget!

Choosing a diamond is a personal journey; it reflects your style and value. So, shift to lab-grown diamonds for a more affordable and eco-friendly option! Now that you know the essential features to look for when buying a lab-grown diamond, create your signature look and shine in it. 

Celebrate a special occasion or symbolise your love with Varniya’s exclusive collection of diamond rings. Visit us today to unlock the sparkle in you!

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