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The Clearly Good Diamond Savings Plan by VARNIYA

Terms & Conditions of the Savings Plan

  1. The Clearly Good Diamond Savings Plan (hereinafter “Plan” or “CGDSP”) facilitates Customers to purchase Varniya products by making payments for the same over a defined or agreed tenure and the Customers will be entitled to avail certain discounts subject to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Under this Plan, the Customer has to pay fixed monthly installments of a minimum of Rs. 2,000 (Rupees Two Thousand) or above (in multiples of one thousand). During the course of the agreed tenure, the Customer has to pay one installment every month. More than one installment for the same in a single month is not accepted.

3. Customer will have to make the payment of the installment on the Due Date. For the purpose of this Plan, the Due Date shall be between the 1st and 7th of the subsequent months. In the event the Customer fails to pay the installment within the 7th of the following month the proportionate discount as offered herein shall be reduced.

4. All Plans will mature after 366 (Three Hundred and Sixty Six) days from the Enrolment Date and the Customers will be eligible to redeem by purchase of jewellery from Varniya website. For the purpose of this Plan, the date of payment of first installment shall be deemed as the Enrolment Date. The Customer is mandatorily required to redeem his/her account before the completion of 400 days from the Enrolment Date.

5. The Customers would be eligible for a discount of 75% (Seventy Five percent) of one month’s installment upon redemption, after the completion of 366 days from the Enrolment Date subject to the Customers having made the payment of all ten monthly installments. If a Customer redeems before the completion of 366 (three hundred and sixty six) days but after the completion of 300 (Three Hundred) days, the Customer will be eligible for a discount ranging between 55% (Fifty Five percent) to 75% (Seventy Five percent) of one month installment based on the number of days, and subject to the Customers having made the payment of all ten monthly installments. For redemption after completion of 180 (One Hundred and Eighty) days but before completion of 300 (Three Hundred) days, Customers will be eligible for such prorated discount calculated based on the one month instalment, the number of days and the number of monthly instalments paid.

6. The Customer will have the option to pre-close the Plan only if the Customer has paid a minimum of six monthly installments and after completion of 180 days from the Enrolment Date. In the event of such pre-closure, a customer may purchase jewellery from the Varniya website equal to the value of the installments accumulated in his/her account as on that day. Alternatively, Customer may seek refund of the amount aggregating to the installments paid by the Customer until the date of refund. The Customer will be provided with a prorated discount voucher that the Customer can utilize to purchase jewellery from the Company for full value of the installments paid. However, in the event the Customer has not paid the requisite minimum six monthly installments, the Customer will not be eligible for any discount / discount voucher

7. In case the Customer does not redeem within 400 days, he/she will be refunded with the aggregate installment amount paid by the Customer until the date of the refund. A discount voucher for the applicable discount amount will be provided which can be utilized only to purchase jewellery from the Company of a value that is equal to or greater than the full value of installments paid.

8. Refunds under the Plan, if any, will be made by way of cheque in the name of the account holder as specified in the Enrolment Form or by online transfer to the bank account as specified in the Enrolment Form, and no cash refund shall be permissible.

9. Only individuals can enroll in the Plan and enrollment is not permissible for other entities like companies, partnership firms or proprietorship concerns or Trusts or Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) or NRI Customers. Minors may enroll only through their natural guardians.

10. Customers are strongly discouraged to enroll with borrowed money.

11. Enrolment can be done by first registering at the Varniya website. You may contact us for easy onboarding process

12. The Customer is required to provide a copy of his/her photo identity and address proof documents like Driving License/Voter ID/ Passport /Ration Card/PAN Card/any other document issued by the Government, bank account details, etc. at the time of enrollment.

13. In case of any change in contact or address details or any other details that the Customer may have furnished, the Customer shall immediately contact customer care for effecting the changes. The Customer should especially ensure that the name is as per the identity proof provided by the Customer, and not in any other name, including nickname or short forms and the bank account details and other details as provided in the Enrolment Form shall be accurate.

14. Payment of monthly installment(s) may be made by UPI/ Credit / Debit cards, NEFT/ RTGS etc.. International card for online payment will not be accepted. Payments to be made on the Varniya website or designated payment links created for the customer

15. The Customer will receive receipts for all payments via mail. 

16. The Company will not be responsible or liable to send reminders for payments.

17. At the time of purchase of jewellery, the Company reserves the right to satisfy the identity of the Customer in any manner it deems fit.

18. In addition to the gold and stone charges, all jewellery purchased under the CGDSP will be subject to making charges, wastage charges, material charges, Goods and Services Tax, or any other surcharges, levies as may be applicable/ prevailing at the time of purchase.

19. The Customer will have to purchase the jewellery for the total installment amount paid and partial purchase is not allowed.

20. The Customer may appoint a nominee at the time of enrollment upon submission of relevant documentation. In the event of death of the account holder, the amount is transferable by the Company only to the person(s) whose nomination has been filled by the account holder in the Enrolment Form at the time of opening the account subject to such nominee producing identity and address proof. In case the account holder does not nominate any person, any claim(s) made by any other person(s) on behalf of the account holder will not be entertained unless such person being a legal heir/duly authorised person claiming the benefits under the Plan, shall produce below documents to the Company:

  • Death certificate of the deceased.
  • Succession Certificate.
  • NOC from other surviving legal heir for redemption.
  • Indemnity undertaking to indemnify Titan from claims.
  • Will (if any)
  • Along with all other supporting documents and clarifications

However, the decision of the Company shall be final on sufficiency of any document in all such cases above and the same shall be binding upon the claimants.

22. The Company reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete part or whole of the privileges of the Plan without prior notice to the account holder, as long as the same is not detrimental to the interests of the account holder.

23. The Company is the operator of this Plan and reserves the right to suspend the Plan at any time. In any such event, the account holder may purchase any item at the Varniya equal to the value of the installments accumulated in their CGDSP account along with discounts accumulated, as on the day designated as final day for purchases. The final day shall be appropriately communicated to all account holders.

24. The liability of the Company or its agents under CGDSP is limited to the extent of installments/advances paid by the account holder(s) and the discount, as per the Plan and the terms and conditions contained herein, and thus does not lead to any other assurance or warranty whatsoever by the Company.

25. Any conditions that are not explicitly covered above would be the discretion of the Company at the time of transaction/redemption. The decision of the Company in this regard would be deemed as irrevocable and final.

26. Disputes if any will be subject to the Courts in Chennai jurisdiction only, to the exclusion of any other court's jurisdiction.

In case of any change in existing laws, rules, Acts, etc. by any regulatory authority, the Company reserves the right to make such modifications/change/suspend/discontinue the Plan suitable to the change of law and necessary requirements as per the same have to be complied with by the account holder.

The above plan has been declared on 20th December 2023


Divya & Varun VUMMIDI

In the face of knowing something is wrong, do we have the fortitude to avoid it, even when driven by love?

When presented with better, more beneficial choices, can we seize them?

This challenged us to select not just for our good. This understanding nudged us towards building VARNIYA, for you and collectively all of us.

Indeed, while "Diamonds are Forever" so too is the feeling of a clear conscience!

VARNIYA is our way of working towards a better tomorrow, through crafted diamonds. VARNIYA stands for Clearly Good Diamonds.

Our Legacy

Varniya builds on the legacy of our great great grandfather Vummidi Bangaru Chetty as we boldly strive to redefine the jewellery industry, given our rich and long heritage, Since 1900.

Trust and a disciplined adherence to values has held our legacy in good stead for over a century.
We have aspired to do better and this inherent sense of commitment has helped us build trust, through the good times and the bad.
We thank our patrons over the years that have helped us build our heritage.

Our foray into grown diamond jewellery comes with our desire to offer better choices for a better world.

Clearly Good Diamonds from Varniya. The Clearly Good Choice.


The Varniya promise









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