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Divya & Varun VUMMIDI

In the face of knowing something is wrong, do we have the fortitude to avoid it, even when driven by love?

When presented with better, more beneficial choices, can we seize them?

This challenged us to select not just for our good. This understanding nudged us towards building VARNIYA, for you and collectively all of us.

Indeed, while "Diamonds are Forever" so too is the feeling of a clear conscience!

VARNIYA is our way of working towards a better tomorrow, through crafted diamonds. VARNIYA stands for Clearly Good Diamonds.

Genesis of varniya

Varniya was founded with a vision to create ethically crafted, planet friendly diamond jewellery for a new generation of conscious customers. If you are what you buy, then here is timeless jewellery that is exquisite and sustainable.

Through innovation and craftsmanship, we aspire to be a hallmark in the diamond industry just as the Vummidi family has done for over a century in the jewellery business and continues to do.

Our diamonds are crafted through human ingenuity in a safe environment. Varniya is meant to bring quality, sustainability and superior diamond jewellery to our discerning customers who prefer and value beautiful and responsible choices.

Our Legacy

Varniya builds on the legacy of our great great grandfather Vummidi Bangaru Chetty as we boldly strive to redefine the jewellery industry, given our rich and long heritage, Since 1900.

Trust and a disciplined adherence to values has held our legacy in good stead for over a century.
We have aspired to do better and this inherent sense of commitment has helped us build trust, through the good times and the bad.
We thank our patrons over the years that have helped us build our heritage.

Our foray into grown diamond jewellery comes with our desire to offer better choices for a better world.

Clearly Good Diamonds from Varniya. The Clearly Good Choice.

The Varniya Difference

Human Ingenuity

Varniya Diamonds are proud to be crafted by human ingenuity rather than by plundering our natural resources. These diamonds are not just lab grown but customized and created just for you, to cherish forever.

Clean Conscience

Our diamonds are completely grown in India, without causing any harm to the environment, nor to the detriment of communities across the world that have the ill fortune of hosting diamond mines.


Rich Heritage

Varniya Diamonds come from the house of Vummidi Jewellers, who have earned the trust of the connoisseur since 1900

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Crafted Quality

Choose from a wide range of designs to suit your palette, and a pick a diamond quality that works best for you. It is your power to pick a diamond and we'll hand craft it to perfection for you.

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Proudly Made in India

Our trysts with the finesse of craftsmanship is deep rooted in our culture. Our artisans, weathered by centuries of wisdom help us proudly make every exquisite piece right here in India.

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Clearly Good

Finally a better option when it comes to our love for diamonds. Better for the environment, better for our communities, better for you when it comes to price and choice. Diamonds from Varniya are Clearly Good

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The Varniya promise









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