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Article: Advantages of Buying a Lab-Grown Diamond

Advantages of Buying a Lab-Grown Diamond

Advantages of Buying a Lab-Grown Diamond

Even a diamond stud as tiny as a mustard seed is so beautiful, but its price tag may not be as attractive!

Have you ever considered buying diamond jewellery, only to be deterred by the hefty price? If so, you may not have heard about lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds offer a cost-effective solution for those on a tight budget, allowing you to fulfil your dream of adorning your hands with a simple diamond ring. However, the benefits of lab-grown diamonds extend far beyond their affordability. Read on to discover a string of advantages of lab-grown diamonds and how they’re a smart choice for the savvy consumer.

We might be familiar with how natural diamonds are formed inside the Earth’s crust, mined, cut, and polished to create the dazzling jewellery we see today in the market. However, you probably wouldn’t see the same spark in the diamonds when you think about ethical issues, environmental harm, and humanitarian crises.

Imagine if we could recreate the natural environment that led to the formation of diamonds without the issues associated with mining. With lab-grown diamonds, we can. These diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in every way, but they are produced in a controlled, ethical, and environmentally friendly manner. 

While traditional natural diamonds still have their admirers, it’s worth noting how lab-grown diamonds are paving the way with more affordable and stunning designs. Opt for Varniya's lab-grown diamonds and feel good about your choice, knowing they are crafted with care for both people and the planet. 

What are the other advantages of buying a lab-grown diamond? Let’s refine the sparkle and improve the clarity by learning about its benefits!

Benefits of Choosing a Lab-Grown Diamond

While choosing a lab-grown diamond, the first question that pops into your mind is whether it’s real and has the same quality as its mined counterparts. Take away all your doubts, as lab-grown diamonds are as real and authentic as natural ones, and you cannot tell them apart with your naked eye. 

So, if you wish to mark special occasions with a timeless symbol that is easy on the pocket, lab-grown diamonds are your best choice. Before you decide to get one, you must learn how a lab-grown diamond makes you a responsible and conscious buyer. Did you get confused there? No worries! 

Get ready to uncover the advantages of buying a lab-grown diamond and see how your choice reflects your style and value!

Superior Quality and Purity

Admit it or not, we all are perfectionists inside and out. So, why should we settle for anything less when buying diamonds? Wouldn’t you eagerly jump at the offer of a crystal clear and flawless diamond at a competitive price? 

With lab-grown diamonds, you can be confident that you are getting a near-perfect gemstone every time. Unlike natural diamonds, which can have flaws due to mining and extreme conditions, lab-grown diamonds are created in controlled conditions that allow only minimal defects. This results in a purer gem, meaning you get a brighter, more sparkling, and spotless lab-grown diamond. In fact, lab-grown diamonds often have a higher clarity and colour grade, making them even more desirable.

Sustainable and Nature-Friendly 

We run campaigns and sing slogans to protect the environment, but what if we do not do what we preach? Sure enough, we plant trees, reduce the use of plastic, and save energy. How many of you know that mining diamonds destroys land, depletes natural resources, and produces vast amounts of carbon emissions? 

If you’re a nature lover, you will assess the environmental impact before buying a diamond. As lab-grown diamonds are made in a lab using advanced machinery and technology, not much harm is done to the environment. Moreover, some companies use renewable energy sources to create lab-grown diamonds. Hence, you can shine with a clear conscience while wearing a lab-grown diamond!


We understand that diamonds are often seen as luxury items, and their high price can be a deterrent. However, with lab-grown diamonds, you can now own a classic diamond without straining your budget. 

Natural diamonds are rare and a finite resource, making them so expensive. And not to mention the production and transportation costs behind the mining, cutting, and polishing! 

Diamonds grown in the lab do not get exhausted and have an endless supply, making them significantly more affordable than natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds can be 30% - 70% cheaper than their natural counterparts. This significant cost-saving lets you buy a larger or rare-cut clear diamond on the same budget. So, why not surprise your partner by giving her more than what she asked for without going overboard?

Ethical Origins

Have you ever thought about the condition of workers in diamond mining? Do you think they’re given proper training or safety measures? At least, are they adequately paid? Sadly, the answer is no. 

One of the most significant advantages of lab-grown diamonds is their ethical origins. Unlike natural diamonds, which often involve exploitative mining practices, lab-grown diamonds are made in a controlled environment, ensuring the welfare of workers. By choosing lab-grown diamonds, you can wear your jewellery with pride, knowing it’s ethically sourced. 

Wide Range of Choices

People prefer variety; whether it’s their clothing or jewellery, they look through several options before buying that unique piece! With lab-grown diamonds, you can pick from a broad range of options in colour, cut, and carat size. Whether looking for a classic round diamond or a fancy-coloured diamond, you will find the perfect lab-grown diamond to suit your style and budget. 

Though natural diamonds exist in certain grades and colours, they’re rare, making them so expensive. So, even if you want to buy a coloured mined diamond, you may not find it perfect or budget-friendly. 

Lab-grown diamonds offer an array of colours, designs, and cuts. And the best part? They’re available for a fraction of the cost of mined diamonds. Explore Varniya’s extensive assortment of lab-grown diamonds in diverse cuts and hues to complement any style!

Certification and Transparency

As consumers, we assume the product to be original when we see a mark or seal from an authorised institution. Even lab-grown diamonds come with a certification that assures their authenticity. Each diamond undergoes rigorous testing, after which diamond grading institutes like GIA, IGI, AGS, etc., grade it based on the same 4Cs (Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat) used for natural diamonds.

Besides knowing they’re real and authentic, you can trace the origins of lab-grown diamonds to verifiable sources. Contrary to mined diamonds, whose origins can be vague and have a dark history, lab-grown diamonds are transparent about how and where they were grown. Each lab-grown diamond has a unique identification number that allows you to track its journey from the lab to your hands. So, having a clear conscience and enjoying peace of mind is one of the greatest advantages of buying lab-grown diamonds. 

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Technological Contributions

Buying lab-grown diamonds is like an investment for the future. Are you wondering how? The revenue that diamond growers get from developing lab-grown diamonds is used to fund research and development in different fields, such as manufacturing, material sciences, renewable energy, etc., which aims to expand their production capacity.

When you buy a lab-grown diamond, you’re supporting the development of cutting-edge technologies and inventions in the world of diamonds. So, be happy and take pride in wearing lab-grown diamond jewellery, knowing you’re among the many who drive the wheels of change!

Final Thoughts

Have the advantages of choosing lab-grown diamonds left a spark in you? Now, to answer your question about whether you should buy lab-grown diamond jewelleryit all melts down to your preference! However, we hope you understand these benefits thoroughly and make a wise decision. 

Lab-grown diamonds do not compromise on quality or genuineness. Rest assured, you can continue spreading the glow without breaking the bank or feeling guilty. 

If you wish to gift a customised, lovely diamond ring to your loved ones, Varniya is your one-stop solution. Browse through our collection of lab-grown diamonds and choose the one that appeals to you the most. We ensure that it has a personal touch and is unique. Call us now to customise your jewellery and take home a little sparkle!

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